"Marta is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She responds quickly to all forms of communication, and consistently provides expert advice on financial matters for my small business. She handles our accounting, runs payroll, and does our business and personal taxes. I like to call her a unicorn because finding someone with her skill level, her level of integrity, her organization, and her approachable manner is almost impossible. She has more than earned her salary in finding ways to balance tax liabilities with tax credits, and making sure we are following the law in all aspects. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Anna Krajcin
President, Communication Across Barriers Speech Clinics

"From the moment Marta joined our team, she demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and quickly grasped the complexities of our financial landscape. Her ability to analyze our financial data and provide strategic insights has been instrumental in guiding our decision-making processes. Marta's attention to detail and thoroughness in financial planning and analysis has helped us optimize our resources and maximize profitability.

Furthermore, Marta's proactive nature sets her apart as a fractional CFO. She consistently anticipates potential financial challenges and provides proactive solutions to mitigate risks. Her strategic financial planning has enabled us to navigate economic uncertainties and make informed decisions with confidence. Marta's expertise has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in our company's growth and success.

Overall, Marta's professionalism, expertise, and dedication make her an exceptional fractional CFO. She has become an invaluable asset to our organization, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any company seeking financial leadership. Marta's ability to provide strategic financial guidance, coupled with her excellent communication skills, sets her apart. Without a doubt, working with Marta has been a game-changer for our company."

Matt Abbott
General Manager, The Sourcery

"I am pleased to share my experience working with Marta Puzia our CPA. My wife and I run multiple businesses, donate to a variety of organizations, and have multiple rental properties. The various tax and filing requirements can be incredibly complex. Marta has been instrumental in helping us navigate this complexity in an organized way.

Marta is incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of taxation and accounting, and she is always proactive throughout the year. Even with urgent requests with tight deadlines Marta has delivered excellent work.

Before working with Marta, I dreaded tax season. Our prior accountants were unresponsive, not proactive or creative. Switching to Marta has been a game changer. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very responsive and goes the extra mile. Plus she’s a really nice person.I have recommended her to so many people because she’s that amazing. I can honestly say I don’t dread taxes anymore because of our partnership with Marta."

Johanna and Kurt Beyer